Some of the services provided in the office
Biologic agents represent a new kind of treatment for patients with inflammatory arthritis (which if left untreated, inevitably leads to damage and deformities of the joints). We provide in-office infusions of various biologic agents used to treat a wide spectrum of connective tissue disorders and osteoporosis.

If the initial measures fail to control the symptoms, we also offer a number of other nonsurgical modalities. Joint aspiration and corticosteroid injections are utilized via musculoskeletal ultrasound guidance.  Using ultrasound guidance provides more targeted, more effective, less painful, and safer treatment. Hyaluronic acid preparations, which are synthetic joint lubricants, are relatively new treatments for osteoarthritis that result in longer lasting pain relief.

For painful feet we have utilized derm fillers in the metatarsal fat pad with good results. This is commonly seen in workers standing for prolonged periods at a time, women wearing high heels, and runners.


Regenerative medicine is another cutting edge, burgeoning field in musculoskeletal medicine. We are excited to offer treatments such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), which uses the patient’s own concentrated platelets and growth factors to help repair damaged tendons and joints. Common conditions treated are chronic tendinopathies at shoulder (rotator cuff tendinitis), elbows (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow), knees (runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, pre-patellar bursitis), ankles (Achilles tendinitis), foot (plantar fasciitis), and arthritis affecting various other joints, assuming there is healthy cartilage remaining.

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